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April 30, 2009

Pro-Choice T-Shirt Week?

The American Life League has declared 4/28-5/4 Pro-Life T-Shirt Week... with a brand-new butt ugly t-shirt (see below) that claims that an embryo is a person. (It's not. Sorry, nope.) So we've decided that we need a Pro-Choice T-Shirt Week!

We are kicking off the totally made-up week with some great Pro-choice t-shirts including this awesome design from SomeofNothing.com that tells the truth: An Embryo is NOT a Baby.

Is an Embryo a Person? Nope! Not only is the slogan for the ALL's t-shirt inaccurate, but the picture is pretty damn misleading as well. By the time a fetus is that big it IS almost a baby, but SURPRISE, women aren't typically getting abortions at that stage of pregnancy! If that picture was actually "to scale" the "person on the inside" would be look like a little lima bean shaped dot... not a baby.

You can check out NPLTW.com for more information on National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week (if you need a good laugh - or cry).

We'd like to encourage all of our readers to buy and wear Pro-Choice t-shirts (we've compiled some of our favorites here) and to support Pro-Choice organizations, like Planned Parenthood or NARAL. But not just this week. All the time!

We've created a very special Pro-Choice T-Shirt Week Squidoo Lens for the occasion... so check it out!! It's full of awesome t-shirts, links to great organizations, etc.

And while we're here... a few of our favorite pro-choice themed blog entries:

On the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we answered the question: What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new Congress?

Depending on what state you live in, if you find yourself in need of an abortion you may very well be sat down to discuss the potential health risks associated, which is all fine and well... except when those 'health risks' aren't actual risks at all. In some states, these 'informed consent' policies include informing the patient that abortion may cause breast cancer. The only problem? It doesn't. Abortion does not cause breast cancer.

Neither the American Psychological Association nor the American Psychiatric Association recognize Post Abortion Syndrome (or "Post Abortion Stress Syndrome" or "Post Abortion Trauma") as an actual condition or mental disorder.
Myth: Abortion is a Lucrative Industry
The anti-choicers would like us to believe that abortion is a huge money-making industry and that women are manipulated into killing their babies just so abortion doctors can make the big bucks. It doesn't take an accountant to recognize that this is absolutely untrue. Abortion is not a lucrative industry at all, especially not compared to the rest of the medical 'business'. The cost of abortion has risen at a much slower rate than the majority of medical procedures.

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Salome said...

I wish someone had told me ahead of time! I wore my pro-choice t-shirt on Saturday, but now it's in the wash :(