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April 6, 2009

While We Were Out

It's Monday, which means we officially have to stop using 'we were traveling this week!' as an excuse for not being totally caught up on the news.  But it's okay, cause I think I've rounded up most of the highlights and lowlights.

~Good news on same-sex marriage from Sweden and Iowa.  Good news gone bad in Vermont with Governor Douglas's veto of a gay marriage bill, setting up votes to override the veto in the state Senate (which should be no problem) and House (looks to be a close vote).  Contact Vermont legislators now!  (And also contact Governor Culver of Iowa to ask him not to turn his state's good news bad by working to amend the state constitution.)

~The North Dakota State Senate rejected one of those fun "personhood" bills that could potentially have outlawed everything from abortion to in-vitro fertilization.

~The New York City Council just passed a new clinic access bill - "This strengthened law makes it a crime to prevent access to reproductive health care services; physically obstructing or blocking another person from entering the clinic; following or harassing another person within fifteen feet of the facility; behaving in a way that places another person in reasonable fear of physical harm; or damaging a reproductive health care facility. Additionally, it protects providers and clinic workers, allowing them to perform their vital jobs without fear."

~Virginia Governor Tim Kaine signed a law that allows the sale of 'Choose Life' license plates.  The money from the sales will go to fund so-called crisis pregnancy centers, which manipulate and misinform pregnant women.  This is our DNC chairman, people.

~We wrote last week about Bill O'Reilly sending some minions out to harass Amanda Terkel of Think Progress while she was on vacation.  (Terkel had committed the horrible offense of accurately quoting some victim-blaming comments that O'Reilly made about a woman who was raped and murdered.)  In response to the situation, Think Progress has launched the Stop Supporting the O'Reilly Harrassment Machine campaign, which is targeting O'Reilly's advertisers.  

~Alaska State Representative Mike Doogan investigated and then revealed the identity of anonymous blogger AKMuckraker of Mudflats, because he didn't like the fact that she sometimes wrote posts that were critical of him.  (Apparently his actions were a violation of federal law, so we can't wait to see how this develops.)  It doesn't matter if you're not an anonymous blogger yourself, or you don't live in Alaska - we all need to be aware of a story in which an elected official investigates the identity of a private citizen and reveals the information publicly just because the person dared to express their opinion.

~The new Pope condoms (created in response to Pope Benedict's recent comments about the distribution of condoms making the problem of AIDS in Africa worse) are really funny, but I'm not sure I want his face looking up at me during sexytime.

~Republicans in Alaska, including Governor Sarah Palin, are calling for Senator Mark Begich to step down so that they can hold a special election rematch between Begich and Ted Stevens now that the Justice Department has decided to drop the case against Stevens due to prosecutorial misconduct.  Because of course if the roles were reversed, a Republican senator would totally step down from a seat that he or she won to run in a special election as long as the Democrats asked nicely.

~Did you know that Al Franken and Norm Coleman are still in court fighting over that Minnesota Senate seat?  Or, more accurately, Norm Coleman is being a sore loser and needs to give it up already.

~An Orthodox newspaper went ahead and erased the women from a photo of the new Israeli cabinet.  

~Adam sent this one along: The FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) relaxed the "Mark to Market" accounting rule which required banks to value their assets (like foreclosed houses) at whatever value they could sell them.  This allows them to pretend things are all fine and rosy again when obviously they are not.  While this is not about any gender or minority being opressed, it IS something that affects all of us, and I think it's a crime that the banks are getting away with this.  Please speak out about this any way you can.

~Rush Limbaugh might be leaving New York!  If he really agrees to go and never come back, we'll totally make some OxyContin brownies for his farewell party.

There.  We can't possibly have missed anything.


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Rehctaw said...

There. We can't possibly have missed anything.

You seem satisfied... which by extension means you've obviously missed, forgotten, overlooked or ignored something vital that will now detonate in glorious Hi-Def Colors all around you.

Not saying...just saying...

Too many blowholes, too little time.

We must listen to the Newter! The country needs another party.
Party On Newt. Party on.
Credibly crying out incredulity.

At risk of being obtuse, I find it deliciously ironic that wingnuts claim that same-sex marriage is being shoved up their ass or rammed down their throat.

Creep on creepin' on wingnuts.