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June 14, 2009

Another Dudely Reading List?

It's the season for summer reading lists. And it seems that the creators of some of these lists are having a hard time finding enough of a certain elusive type of book. Yes, of course we mean those very rare books that are written...by women. We spotted this phenomenon at the end of last year when Amazon released a very dudely Top 100 Books of 2008 list, and frau sally benz of the blog Jump Off The Bridge caught the ailment striking again, this time with the Wall Street Journal's summer book list. Only two of the 19 books selected by the WSJ were written by women. And we noticed the L.A. Times suffering as well - only about 25% of their list of 60 new books to read this summer is made up of books by women authors.

We're planning on doing our own summer reading list, but we wanted to wait until we got back from the IWWG conference because we know we'll discover some great new books there. In the meantime, if you're looking for some less dudely reading suggestions, we're looking back at a few of the reading lists that we've put together in the past.

The Evil Slutopia Reading List - Our first reading list, done for the holidays in 2007, has everything from Cunt to Kiss My Tiara, Lance Bass to Rue McLanahan, and bad girls to full frontal feminists.

Stupid Protest: Banned Sex Books - If conservatives are trying to ban them, chances are that they're pretty good books.

The ESC Women's History Month Book List - We did this one last March, and it's full of some of our favorite books on women's history, including that books that we go to when we're working on women's history blog entries.

WAM! Book List - We put this one together because there were so many awesome women writers at the Women Action & the Media conference. (Strange that these book list editors have so much trouble finding them.) It's got fairy tales, purity myths, feminist men, body outlaws, and much more.

Happy summer reading!

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