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June 13, 2009

Commenter of the year

We're still at the IWWG conference, but we actually just walked out of a session because we were offended. (This is by far, a rare occurance at the guild, but apparently it does happen - more on that later). So we hopped on the computer to check our email and found this amazing comment on our STD blog:

You are quite the beastly and horrendous animal of a human being. Maybe
you'll die in a fiery crash, who knows? The flames from the wreck wouldn't
be the only source of heat after death, as hell is likely your resting

Best. Comment. EVER.

Although we have to wonder exactly why I would die in a fiery crash and not from like complications of some sexually transmitted disease... unless of course, I was driving on the way to the free clinic? Actually, now why is hell likely my resting place? If I truly am such a beastly and horrendous animal of a human being as they say, then I'm definitely going to hell. Come on, commit!


Dollface said...

What happened?? All the ladies in the IWWG seem so sweet! (At least, when I see them wandering around the dining hall giving each other massages!)

P.S. Perhaps brunch tomorrow? I can't promise too much, I'll be very hungover.

City Girl said...

Seriously?!? That's ridiculous! Why people are so hateful from behind their laptops is beyond me? Perfect response, though! xoxo