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June 8, 2009

The ESC Needs More GBFs

Infomania, the CurrentTV show that features the awesome Target Women segments with Sarah Haskins, just launched a new segment called "That's Gay" with Bryan Safi. Here's the first installment, on the prevalence of the Gay Best Friend stereotype on TV:

So is That's Gay the new Target:Women? Well...no, but only because nobody can ever replace Sarah Haskins in our hearts. But we love this idea, because like Target Women, there's just so much material out there in the media that Bryan can work with. We'll definitely be back for more That's Gay.

What does everyone think? Love it or hate it? What topics do you think That's Gay should tackle next?

1 comment:

Colin Day said...

As a guy, I would not want to be a GBF (even if I were G). I don't know if I could take the :nagging".