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June 21, 2009

Evil Stuff Clique

As we've mentioned a million times in the past week, we just got back from the IWWG summer conference. We're also headed to Chicago in a few weeks for the BlogHer conference. Whenever we're getting ready to go to on a trip like this, we always have at least one fantasyland discussion about all of the customized products and random stuff that we really really need to get to maximize our shameless promotion potential. Customized pens and pencils, Pokens, custom USB flash drives, mini business cards, oversized business cards, custom post-it notes, shot glasses, and of course our full ESC wardrobe. (Our "Evil Slutopia" and "Rush Limbaugh Can Suck It" shirts were big hits at the IWWG conference.) We'd have to hire an intern just to travel with us and carry all of the crap that we'd want to bring with us if we had unlimited money and time and resources.

Yeah, okay, so we have issues. Here in the real world, we probably don't need Pokens, since we've only ever met one person who owned one. And we're not a big corporation or a band or a music producer (although don't worry, ESC Records is totally in the Ten Year Plan) so the custom USB drives aren't really essential for us either. And we have tons of business cards already. And we have enough trouble packing as it is.

On the other hand, we're experts at justifying this stuff and enabling each other. Like, we've heard that Pokens are popular with the BlogHer crowd, and that's the next thing on our travel schedule! And the USB drives come in different fun colors and styles, so we could color coordinate! And with the mini cards we could recruit so many more members into the ESC. And the shot glasses are obviously an essential business expense.

It's a sickness. And it's no wonder that our Debbie is so big. So maybe for now we'll just stick to our own products and get started on some new stores, because telling deserving people to suck it and promoting evilslutism really falls more into the category of "public service" anyway. And if, for instance, one of our readers was to suggest a product idea to us (hint hint), well then we'd just have to.

...did we mention that we have issues?

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