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June 15, 2009

IWWG Update

We might have mentioned a few dozen times that we're currently away at the International Women's Writing Guild summer conference. We feel very fancy this year because there was a keynote speaker at the conference - Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. Her speech was awesome and inspiring, and we got a book signed (to the Evil Slut Clique, of course). We've been to a bunch of conferences and so we know that keynote speakers can be hit or miss, but the Guild doesn't usually do this type of thing at all so in this case it was just a really cool pleasant suprise.

There's only one problem. Between this great experience and seeing Sarah Haskins at the WAM! conference a few months ago, we've now gone completely delusional. We're fantasizing about other celebrity speakers that might come to the conference next year and give us tons of fabulous info. You know, the "wouldn't it be so cool if next year it was [insert crazy famous celebrity motivational speakers here]? We've been through everyone from Eve Ensler to Jamie Lee Curtis to yeah who are we kidding? We can dream, right?

Really though, the truth is that this conference is full of amazing women, so we're motivated and inspired every day. (Or every hour, or every five minutes.) So the whole speaker thing was just the icing on the IWWG cake. Of course, that's not to say that we'd turn Eve Ensler away if she did want to come...she'd probably find a lot here to inspire her. And speaking of that, we've have a lot more to say about Amy Goodman and the rest of our IWWG experience when we get home in a few days. Stay tuned!

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