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June 27, 2009

Sex Kills on ABC Family

The One Million Moms are at it again. They really don't like the new season of the Secret Life of the American Teenager. They disliked it so much that they're asking Kellogg to pull their ads from the show. (Apparently Hershey already stopped sponsoring it).

First of all, let's take a moment to laugh out loud at the fact that are still typing the word "sex" as s*x. Hilarious! Anyway... on to the show.

I was sort of on the fence the first time we looked at this show, but I've now decided that it is a complete piece of garbage. I agree with the OMM that the show sucks, but again we really disagree on the WHY.

Honestly, I'm surprised that they don't love the show. Just look at the ridiculous messages it sends about sex. According to ABC Family sex only causes problems.

Amy has sex for the first time... and she gets pregnant. Her mother has sex with her new boyfriend for the first time... and she gets pregnant too! What are the odds!? Now I know that it's important to teach kids that you can get pregnant the first time (because God knows too many teenagers think you can't) but come on! Of course, Amy is pissed at her mom for getting pregnant, because she's a big stupid hypocrite.

Also, apparently sex kills. And I don't mean that sex can transmit HIV or other STDs that can kill you... I mean sex can kill other people too. "Good girl" Grace has sex for the first time and her dad dies in a plane crash. Yes, sex can kill people who aren't even there!

No one on that damn show can have sex without being instantly punished. Amy has sex with Ricky: She gets pregnant! (Not that pregnancy is a punishment per se, but on this show they certainly portray it as such). Amy's mom has sex with her new boyfriend: She gets pregnant! Amy's dad has sex with Adrian's mom: Divorce! Alice and Henry have sex: They break up! Grace has sex with Jack: Her dad dies!

Wow... this is supposed to be a "brutally realistic" portrayal of sex? This show can suck it.


Anonymous said...

This show has gotten really over the top with the 'sex will ruin your life!' theme. Amy's pregnancy was fine, but then the pattern developed and it just became a bit of an eye roller.

I have to admit that my friend and I laughed when we were watching the episode where Grace loses her virginity/kills her father. It was just so ridiculous. Of course, for the next 5 or 6 episodes she'll ramble on and on about her terrible guilt for killing her father with her vagina, and how she should have been a good Christian and not had sex... ! LOL!

coolred38 said...

There was more sex had in your last paragraph then Ive had in the 2 years since I divorced....sigh.

I need to get on that show...seriously....I will take whatever disaster follows...just saying.

Dollface said...

The acting on that show is awful, the plotlines are ridiculous and the dialogue was written by a 5 year old.

THAT is the real reason to avoid the show.

Tengrain said...

I cannot remember, was it Gilmore Girls where every moment of happiness for any of the characters meant sure and sudden misery by the end of the show? It was like they were all being punished.



Anonymous said...

I'll admit I watch this show. It's a guilty pleasure. It's cheesy but something about keeps me tuned in. I don't know about this whole "Grace killed Marshall" thing. I have a feeling she will be feeling guilty because they were fighting at the time of his death but I think she will realize that it wasn't her fault.

I have to mention Adrian here. She has the most sex and has had the most partners of all the characters but I don't see any consquences coming from it.


Ah Adrian... well as we said in our first blog about this show, Adrian is an exception. Her problems aren't caused by sex... they're the reasons for her to have sex. But I'm sure they'll find a way to punish her in the next few episodes. Bad enough that she was told that she was told she was to blame for killing Grace's dad (because apparently she made Grace want to have sex by making it look fun).

Lisa said...

I agree that this show does illustrate that sex has terrible consequences (much like my abstinence-only sex education classes growing up in Indiana). However, for a television show, I was pleasantly surprised that it does talk about protecting (which, needless to say, my abstinence only education negated). I do think it over dramatizes the consequences of sex to make it a scary thing to put off until married. Yet, I think it is doing a good job of illustrating that for teens there are emotional consequence and can be other issues related to sex. While movies illustrate the fabulous, exhilarating, no consequences side of sex, it is sort of refreshing for a show to mention taking responsibility for you actions. The kids on NYC prep should watch this show a bit.