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July 10, 2009

Anti-Sotomayor Stupidity Scorecard in Convenient Video Format!

Putting together the Anti-Sotomayor Stupidity Scorecard was painful because I had to slog through so many articles, video clips, and transcripts full of conservative misinformation, manipulation, and general idiocy. Now, the Women's Media Center has made it easy to see how much sexist and racist and offensive coverage has been out there by putting many of the worst offenders together in one video. Check it out:

[via Writes Like She Talks]

Judge Sotomayor's confirmation hearings begin next week, so let's keep watching out for sexist and racist coverage and calling it out when we see it.

1 comment:

bad-boy said...

I expected more Republicans to support Sotomayor. Of course the final senate vote isn't in yet but it looks like they missed an opportunity here.