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July 2, 2009

Debbie Debt Update

So, it's officially time for our monthly freakout about our little big Debbie Debt. It's always a bad combination when we're working on our business plans and our travel plans at the same time. (Although our business plan is actually coming along pretty nicely after all of the great stuff that we learned at the IWWG conference, but as always, if you are independently wealthy and you love us and you want to take on our little debt relief project personally, we'd be okay with that.)

We were looking at one site that has info on debt relief and money saving tips and stuff like that, and we were immediately sold by the "Ask Bill" feature. Bill is a financial expert who really knows his stuff. Bill is available to take questions and give out helpful financial advice. Bill will help you educate yourself and take control of your money problems. Bill is there for you. And Bill, of course, is a cartoon dollar bill with little arms and legs. Who could possibly be better? (The ESC can report from personal experience that real human guys named Bill are not necessarily always quite so reliable.)

We're not sure how Bill would react if we asked him about the ESC's specific financial problems - or even better, can you imagine us actually meeting in person with a credit counselor to discuss the Evil Slutopia empire? So instead we're reading all of the debt relief articles - like stuff on consolidation and credit counseling - as if we're an old married couple with kids in college and three mortgages. Cause we have issues. There's a lot of good info, especially if you actually are a person with mortgages and major debt and not just a bunch of paranoid bloggers. But we had to laugh at one article called "Debt Boot Camp", cause we are definitely not disciplined enough for that. We'll stick with the love and support of Bill for now.

1 comment:

Chiquita said...

Lucky for you ladies, I am personally able to assist with debt relief advice! ;)

But I shouldn't, because then it'd be ethically unsound to contribute to your fund when I get some dollars in my pocket.