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July 19, 2009

Getting ready for BlogHer!

We're getting ready for BlogHer '09 in Chicago... (Seriously, after this year we're going to be experts at packing and unpacking). It's our first year - is anyone else going?

We're definitely looking forward to spending some time in Chicago (both as part of BlogHer and on our own).

We're psyched to finally meet Blue Gal face-to-face! We're also excited to see (again) the great BlogHer women we met at the Central Park meetup and of course, Veronica from Viva La Feminista. And we're on a mission to find Erin Kotecki Vest, also known as the Queen of Spain, because a) we love her, and b) we want to trade an ESC sticker for one of her Suck It stickers.

While we're in Chicago we're also going to try to meet up with Arvan from Sex Gender Body. And of course, we can't wait to meet all the awesome women of Blogher that we don't know yet!

Clearly we're going to be very busy. But we put aside a few days just to explore Chicago... so if anyone has any suggestions, let us know! Also - it's not too late to help fund our trip to Blogher... Do it for Debbie!


Anna said...

Explore the Lakeview area of Chicago, north of Belmont and Halstead. Head north on Belmont and hit up Beatniks, The Chicago Diner (all vegan!), and The Gay Mart (just for fun). You can also practically spit and hit Wrigley Field. You might want to also check out the Lincoln Park Zoo- it's wonderful!


We actually leave in a few hours, but thanks for the suggestions... maybe next year!