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July 21, 2009

On our way to Chicago!

The ESC will be on a brief sorta-hiatus while we go to Chicago for the BlogHer conference (and other fun stuff)!

We'll have access to the Internet while we're there, but it may or may not be reliable, and we're going to be very busy! So while we'll try to check in here and there... we've also pre-scheduled a few blog posts for the week that we'll be gone. (In fact... we're probably on the way to the airport RIGHT NOW!) A lot can happen in a week, so we can't promise that they will still be brand new and current at the time they get posted, but either way, we'll be back in a week and will definitely have some great stories to share when we get back!

We will also be updating Twitter a little bit during the trip, so if you're interested in reading all of our annoying updates make sure you're following along at twitter.com/EvilSlutClique. And don't forget, you can still support the ESC's trip to Chicago retroactively... Do it for Debbie! (Please).

Unfortunately... we're going to miss Planned Parenthood NYC's Summer, Sex & Spirits (July 23) but if you're in NYC we definitely recommend checking it out!

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