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July 6, 2009

Whine and Cheese?

It's no surprise that the Evil Slut Clique aren't exactly the classiest group of women out there. We're beer drinkers through and through - everyone knows of our long lasting friendship with Corona, plus the occasional shot of tequila here and there - but the more we branch out and meet different groups of people, the more we realize we should broaden our tastes a bit.

We were thinking of having a few of our new friends over for something fancy schmancy, like a dinner party or a wine-and-cheese (which would require knowing anything about wine and/or cheese, which we don't).

I don't think this counts:

Now since we're typically the pizza-and-beer type, of course we have no clue about how to pair wine with... anything... other than... more wine. According to this site on wine pairing mild and creamy cheeses go best with a simple, non-overpowering wine like Pinot Grigio or white Bordeaux while bolder cheeses pair better with bolder wines (like say, an aged Parmigiano Reggiano with an Amarone wine). Unfortunately it doesn't say anything about what goes best with Cheetos.

When it comes to dessert pairing we're just as clueless. We're used to eating beer and cake. (No really, it's actually good once you get used to it, no joke). According to the site, the sweeter the wine the better it tastes with sweet foods like fruit or dessert. Apparently a Tawny Port would go best with our favorite Snickers Pie. What a way to class up our dessert.

Since our knowledge of fine wines is pretty much restricted to the high-quality Boone's Farm that we used to drink in high school and the free glasses of cheap white zinfindale the clubs give out on Ladies Night... we have no idea how to pick out a good bottle of any kind of wine. Thank God for the Internet... we can always search through various wine grades and wine reviews and shopping guides until we find the bottle that's right for us (and in our price range - since we're still totally broke).

We may never be true wine connoisseurs, but at least we can keep from embarrassing ourselves too badly at the next wine tasting or party. And maybe we'll actually be able to learn to pick out some decent wine... that doesn't have the word "cooler" at the end of it.

1 comment:

Jezebel said...

Yeah, I do consider myself a foodie - I read Gourmet, I watch cooking shows, I like to try new restaurants, and I know what I'm doing in the kitchen - but wine is one area where I just have no clue.