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August 5, 2009

Being a Bridesmaid Can Be Scary...

And now it's about time for our regularly scheduled August Halloween-planning freak out. Yes, we freak out this early! Why? Because - as you may already know - the Evil Slut Clique is obsessed with Halloween. So obsessed that we actually really truly do start planning our costumes over the summer. Don't judge us.

Unfortunately, the ESC is also totally broke. (If you want to do something about that, check this out, thanks). Some of our solutions to this dilemma are shopping for costumes off-season (you know, like in August), thinking outside the box, and saving everything that we might be able to be used in a costume. For example: Those seashells that you collected from your last trip to the beach? They can be used to jazz up any mermaid costume. (Please wash them first!)

One of our favorite items to use for Halloween costumes? Bridesmaid dresses! They can almost always be turned into something awesome (both the ugly ones and the cute ones!) One year we turned an especially cheesy 50's style dress into a zombie housewife costume... just by adding some pearls, an apron and scary makeup. (For some really awesome examples, check out these pics that we randomly found on Google). A zombie prom queen can be done almost as easily.

An even easier option: just cover yourself with fake blood and be Carrie. (As if it wasn't already easy enough, here's a quick how-to guide).

Glue can also go a long, long way... One year we managed to use two totally different bridesmaids dresses (from two totally different weddings) into a cohesive joint costume: Fire and Ice. (We added lots of glitter and snowflakes to the silver dress and some streaks and flames to the red dress... easy!) Did a mean mean bride make you wear green or brown? Add some fake leaves or flowers and suddenly you're Mother Nature or a woodland fairy. (Or really, any color dress of the right style would work as a fairy costume, with the right wings and accessories).

Any of these bridesmaid dresses could easily be made into fairy costumes

This year, the ESC is still unsure of what we're going to do... but we're thinking of being evil slutty beauty pageant contestants. We just have to see if we can find the perfect cheap bridesmaid dresses or prom dresses to wear.

And of course... we'll need some good ideas for evil slutty names! You know, like "Miss Understood" (although not that specifically, because there already is a real Miss Understood... but you get the idea). Maybe "Miss Demeanor" or "Miss Anthropy" or "Miss Stake" or "Miss Behave"... or pretty much anything else that kinda sounds like it could be the name of a drag queen or a roller derby team member.

Please send in your name suggestions or other ideas for reusing those gowns that brides always claim "you'll wear it again!" about. (Yeah, you'll wear it again, covered in blood). Thanks!

1 comment:

Queen of Halloween said...

I have a HUGE CRAZY groan-up Halloween party every year and you guys are SO. INVITED. i should make Bridesmaid dresses mandatory on the invite! (pig blood optional)