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August 2, 2009

Bring Back The Hat

Awhile ago we said that our love of reality TV (and Vh1 celebreality in particular) had returned and that we were going to go back to writing about it all the time, and then...we just didn't. There are some decent shows (and by "decent" we mean "horrible" and by "shows" we mean "trainwrecks"), but it's just not the same. We never thought we'd ever say this, but we actually kinda sorta miss The Pick Up Artist. Yeah, we know. But it's still the only show that ever inspired us to do weekly text message commentary.

Maybe it was the fuzzy hat. Or the goofy medallion things that the guys earned at the end of each episode. Or the cheesy nicknames. Or the out of control "peacocking". Or the very fact that they used terms like "peacocking" and "kino". Or the generic pick up lines that all the guys had to use over and over again as if none of the women they were talking to would ever catch on. Or our deep deep hatred of Pradeep.

I think it was the hat.

Okay, so honestly, maybe it's also the fact that we didn't feel quite as dirty watching that show as we do watching some of the other celebreality trainwrecks. Sure, a lot of it was completely over the top and ridiculous and sometimes offensive, but most of the guys who went on the show seemed like they were decent guys who were just a little (or a lot) socially awkward and needed the whole "pick up artist" thing to help them figure out that talking to girls is actually not that terrifying.

But maybe we should be careful what we wish for. If our last field report is any indication, the popularity of the whole pick up artist thing - from the show to books like The Game to various pick up artist websites - has convinced a whole lot of guys out there that they're just a fuzzy hat away from being Mystery themselves. Of course, they all sort of have to be in denial about it, so if you call them on using textbook pickup lines or "Mystery method" techniques, they'll either pretend to have no idea what you're talking about, or say that they vaguely remember watching that show with the guy in the fuzzy hat because "it was pretty funny". We give them points for effort, at least.

Speaking of The Game, I will admit that I actually have read it. Yes, the entire book. I found it fascinating in a sociological 'window into a mysterious subculture' sort of way. And apparently the author, Neil Strauss, who claimed that he was totally done with the pick up artist community after The Game, just finished writing a new book all about...the pick up artist community, called Rules of the Game. So who knows, maybe he'll make that into a reality show and then we'll have something to text about again.

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