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August 13, 2009

Buy Chiquita A Beer!

As you may already know our favorite guest blogger (and newly named Arts Editor) Chiquita is coming to visit the Evil Slut Clique! It's no secret that the ESC is a little short on cash lately, but we want to be able to show Chiquita and her husband, The Lord, the best time possible. So we have launched the Buy Chiquita a Beer campaign! Of course, we are always open to accepting help in offseting the costs of maintaining the blog, but right now we are specifically asking for small donations to help fund Chiquita's visit to New York.

Donations are automatically set for $5.00 each (we didn't want to have to ask for more than that, so we figured $5.00 is just about the price of a beer). If you would like to give another amount or help support Evil Slutopia in another way, you can go here. We are eternally grateful. Thank you!