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August 11, 2009

Hot New Power Couple Alert!

Of course I'm talking about the summer's latest, most beautiful and inspiring love story...Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston. Yes, Bristol's babydaddy and the queen of the D-List. It's a match made in...well, in the hilariously twisted mind of Kathy Griffin, obviously.

Here are the lovebirds at the Teen Choice Awards.

Teen Choice Awards 2009 - ArrivalsTeen Choice Awards 2009 - Arrivals

And here's Kathy interview Levi on Larry King Live:

I think we just may be looking at the next Brangelina here, folks.

Kathy's been joking for awhile about wanting to get the rumor going that she was having a secret affair with Levi so that she could get some publicity out of it. And she actually pulled it off. (Well, the publicity part at least, which we know is all she really cares about anyway.) We love and respect her shamelessness. And if Levi continues to do his part to keep Sarah Palin as far away from the White House as possible by pulling stunts like this, he'll cement his reputation as a true American patriot.

Also, I totally think that Levi should move in with Kathy for the next season of My Life On The D-List. You know you'd watch.

1 comment:

Linda-Sama said...

love Kathy G. and love Life on the D List! I saw her on Larry King last night and I must say...he's a bit slow on the uptake to put it...diplomatically....;)