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August 12, 2009

Spotlight: Anne Schneider

As you know, we met a lot of wonderful and amazingly talented women this year... at the International Women's Writing Guild's summer conference at Skidmore College, at Women, Action and the Media (WAM!) in Boston, and most recently at BlogHer in Chicago. We already raved about a lot of these ladies in our recaps and we still have a huge stack of books to read... but we decided that from time to time we'd like to just put a random Spotlight on an awesome woman who is doing awesome things. Sometimes we will choose people completely randomly (by just pulling a business card out of our huge pile) and sometimes we will choose to feature people because they're just that awesome.

Our first "official" spotlight is on Anne Schneider, a woman we met in Hope Player's class this past summer at Skidmore. Located in Kerrville, Texas, Anne is a life-style artist who integrates her creative, physical, and spiritual practices... namely mask-making, writing, Reiki, Tai Chi and overall being-awesome-ness. Anne translates her literary creativity into the visual arts through mask making. (It was actually at Skidmore a few years ago that Anne's exploration of self-discovery eventually led her to teach her "Mask as Metaphor" workshop).

We didn't have the opportunity to take her workshop this year, but we did spend a bit of time talking to her. She is just a lovely person. She has the soul of an artist - you can tell just by being around her - and a really great energy.

Anne's book is Breath Found Along the Way and is a compilation of her poetry and mask art. You can get more information or purchase a copy here. Her next upcoming book will be titled Warrior Women.

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