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September 28, 2009

Celebrity Nomads

So I was reading some of the coverage on the gossip sites of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's quickie wedding, which of course everyone on the planet is supposed to care deeply about, and I was thinking that with the way that celebrities (and "celebrities" like the Kardashians) are constantly hooking up, shacking up, getting married (sometimes), getting bored, breaking up, moving out, and then starting the process all over again a week later with someone new, Los Angeles Movers must really have it made. There can't be any shortage of people moving, even in this economy - Khloe's going to be moving in with Lamar months before most girlfriends would even get a drawer in their boyfriend's bedroom, but after all, that's how celebrities roll.

Or there's the alternate pattern, where the celebrity power couple gets together and immediately starts having lots of adorable celebrity children, which also means lots of moving around - either you're moving to an even bigger house than you already lived in so that little Sparrow and Bronx will have enough rooms to play in, or you're moving into and out of the country to try to protect Apple's privacy, or you're moving around to all of the various countries around the world that you've adopted kids from. Again, the best Los Angeles Moving Company is sitting pretty. The packing services probably come in pretty handy too, since you know that all of the Kardashians are far too busy with their careers to pack up their own belongings.

I wonder if celebrities chat with their famous friends about which companies do the best job of discreetly hauling around all of the designer clothes and chandeliers and plasma TVs the way the rest of us might talk about where to get the best pizza in town or which Starbucks has the friendliest baristas. Either that, or there are a lot of personal assistants doing a lot of research, because I doubt that Angelina and Brad are doing their own 'Moving Company Los Angeles' searches. But I bet Kathy Griffin totally would.

Okay, no she wouldn't, she'd make Tiffany do it. Maybe when we're rich and famous enough to become bi-coastal and own multiple homes, we'll report back on this for everyone.

*Info about a real L.A. moving company to back up our crazy theory brought to you (and to us non-celebrity New Yorkers) by Melrose Moving.

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