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September 30, 2009

Dumb Things Guys Text

What's up hun long time no talk

Who is this?

It's [Dumb Guy] from [Bar].

Oh. yea, I deleted your number after you said "I'll call you tomorrow" & then I didn't
hear from you for over a week

my bad So what's new

My bad? You're thirty years old and you think "my bad" is an acceptable response? No matter what the situation, grown men should not use "my bad" as an apology when talking to another adult.


Tiger said...

I say "my bad" from time to time, though usually as a way of admitting that I was wrong or at fault, not an apology.

Meg said...

In my mind, "my bad" is a synonym for "oops", not "sorry". So if saying "oops" would make you sound like a moron, so would saying "my bad". "My bad" sounds fine if you just did something clumsy, but it sounds ridiculous in place of a real apology. Oh, I ran over your cat with the car. My bad!