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September 14, 2009

The ESC on the True Blood Season Finale

Should we even bother writing something about the True Blood season finale? It was a big let down.

I liked it fine, but it wasn't as OMG as I was expecting. "Lick the egg!"

So gross!

That was such a lame cliffhanger. Oh, it's an ostrich egg.

I'm still mad at Tara for going back. What a moron.

I know, that was ridiculous. I get it, she wanted to rescue stupid Eggs...but exactly how was she planning on doing that?

And why would Sookie think that it was safe for Lafayette to go with her? Or even Dumb and Dumber (Jason and Andy)?

I guess she figured that if he hadn't been affected already he wouldn't be, but that was a stupid assumption.

She should've been with a bunch of vampires or something. Or "shifters", heh. Wait... Maryann's there because of Sam, but she said Tara summoned her. So which is it?

Well, Bill thinks it's because of Sam.

She is, she even told Sookie that.

Maybe she was just fucking with Tara cause she's a crazy maenad...

But the hallucination Tara had of herself as a little girl did have the black eyes.

...or it's Tara who created the conditions that made it possible for her to come to town. But her purpose in coming is to find Sam.

Oooh yeah that's possible.

Or we'll pretend that's the reason.

Okay, I really don't understand what the obsession with Sam is... He appeared naked, a virgin, at the statue... I dont get this at all...

I think maybe it's related to what the queen said on the last episode. She's been waiting forever for this god to come, and he hasn't, so she's kinda grasping at straws like 'oh yes here's the perfect symbolism!'

I get that she's always looking for the 'perfect' sacrifice.... but why just a quickie murder by the lake for Daphne, but the big 'to do' wedding ceremony and meat altar over the sacrifice of Sam? She killed her and the voodoo lady just for funsies? For snacks?

She's improvising the recipe!

I love the shit she says. "That's hitting me. You're not committing to this AT ALL."

That was the best line.

I love this one: "I'm a waitress. What the fuck are you?"

The only somewhat helpful thing Maryann did was make Sookie realize 'hey maybe I'm not totally human'.

What do you think is the significance of the flashback? She's good at throwing chains so she's not human?

I'm not sure about the flashback, good question. Maybe just her remembering another time when she was like 'how the fuck did I do that?'

How does the queen know that Sookie isn't human? How does she really know her at all?

Not sure. Sookie's cousin is living there. Not that she seemed to know much (about anything), but clearly there's some kind of connection.
There's something in the books about the whole reason Bill and Sookie got together in the first place... He was sent to her on a mission from the queen, but then he really did fall in love with her. How would they all know that she wasn't human before she did? As far as we know, the queen never even met Sookie... I feel like there's more to this.
Well in the books it was the grandmother who hooked up with a fairy, right? So it could have to do with stuff that happened years ago. Like they just know 'oh Sookie is the granddaughter of so-and-so the fairy'.

Hm, that's true. I wonder if Barry is the same thing. Also, I thought in the books that Jason and Sookie were both part fairy. Her power was the telepathy and his power was just that he was super attractive. It was like, a passive power.

Yeah I was wondering about that, but Jason gets taken over by Maryann.

If he's not supernatural... then...? Are they not brother and sister?

Or he didn't get the supernatural gene.

Poor guy, can't catch a break.

I love Jason just deciding that they must have saved the town, even though they don't remember doing it. That cracked me up.

Yeah, they think they're heroes!

...even though they really didn't have a plan at all.

I feel bad for Andy though. His sad face. He had like 10 minutes of fame when he "caught" Jason for murder in the first season and then poof! He's the town drunk and crazy... and now he was actually right and can't prove it. "If a tree falls in the woods, it's still a tree, ain't it?"

Yeah, he needs to get credit for something next season.

Okay but wait... speaking of "saving the town"... Why wouldn't Bill be like "read Sam's mind" and Sam think, "dont' worry, I won't really die, we have a plan." The whole "use YOUR gift..." and "destroy it all". WTF?

I know. I know he was about to be fake sacrificed and everything, but couldn't Sam have made his thoughts a little clearer?

I guess they needed Sookie to distract Maryann so Bill could heal Sam and then Sam could get all naked and bullish. And then Maryann turns into the corpse bride. It was so predictable honestly...

Yeah, I read a ton of people online saying that this is what they thought would happen.

I was like "ok so Bill will heal Sam..." And then I saw the bull and I'm like "ok so that's Sam?"

For half a second I was like 'what did they do, go to Rent A Bull?' just because it all happened so fast.

Also, the "sneak peak" pics they posted on Facebook gave it away that Sam lives. It showed him at the bar (with the author in a little cameo).

It ends with everyone sad. Sam's crying over a deer and looking for his mean, shifter parents... Bill's kidnapped... Hoyt and his momma...

...Eric stuck in the longest Yahtzee game ever...

...Tara's all heartbroken over Eggs.

I will say that I don't buy Jason killing Eggs like that. That was a major WTF moment for me.

I'm glad! I was like "thank fucking god he's dead already"! Although, dude... why would Jason shoot him right between the eyes?

Yeah, I know. That whole thing was probably my biggest issue with the episode. I could see Jason shouting, threatening Eggs with the gun, or whatever, to get him to back off of Andy. But just killing him like that? I didn't buy it.

Especially after the shit that went down earlier... like maybe Eggs was possessed. You just shoot him in the head without investigating?

Eggs killing himself I would have bought. I thought he might do that because he felt so guilty over what he had done. That would have been more believable to me.

Well, they need to have a whole murder mystery for Season 3... like they always do. I guess they figured there'd be no investigation if it was suicide.

I know, I just didn't think that rang true. It felt like a cheap attempt to have an OMG WTF moment. It would have been better even if it had been like, someone discovers Eggs dead. So it's 'did he commit suicide or was he murdered?'

It will be a police controversy over whether Andy did the right thing... And Jason will be tormented over killing someone.

They'll probably have Tara and Jason get together and then it'll be a 'will she find out the truth after falling for him?' story. And I'm sure at some point it will come out that Sookie helped Eggs remember what Maryann made him do, and then Tara will blame her for his death.

Yep. And I'm sure there will be some sort of 'investigation' into the shooting because Andy JUST getting his badge back and then all of a sudden being involved in a shooting. So they'll all be like "He's drinking again. He's crazy."

Of course. Have we mentioned yet that Andy can never catch a break?

It was kinda cool though how Andy and Jason protected each other (Jason killing Eggs to save Andy, Andy taking the rap for the shooting). In Season 1 Andy was trying to get Jason in jail...

They were so hilarious together this season.

And Eric playing Yahtzee was hilarious. There wasn't enough of him in this episode!

I know! The scene of him with the queen was cool, but I was surprised that he didn't show up again later in the episode.

Is it just me or are her fangs extra huuuuuge? Think it's an age thing? Or a power thing?

Or a "one-size fits all" fake fangs thing.
Okay, so two more important questions. First, who do you think took Bill?
Hoyt's mother, of course What's the second question?

We need a new show... want to come over and watch Vampire Diaries?

Please, that show is so cheesy...I'll be right over.


katrinaholloway said...

just throwing this out there, i watched it with friends last night, and our theory is that eric took bill (whoever was holding the chain had gloves on), because he told the queen he would "take care of him".

because he too loves sookeh, of course ;)

Des said...

It was totally Lorena! I think they were trying to allude to it being Eric so it can be a surprise next season... I agree that episode was a let down, especially after waiting for it for two weeks. And the egg thing was particularly upsetting. I'm just hoping the next season stays a little closer to the books to prevent any Maryanne type detours. And to improve the amount of Eric time. That could definitely be worked on :D

Anonymous said...

Nope. Lorena did--on Eric's order/request.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Season 3 will only "loosely" follow the events of the third book Club Dead.

katrinaholloway said...

wouldn't it be redundant to have lorena hold bill captive?

but i'll admit that eric is too obvious a choice for it to be him. maybe it's someone we haven't seen before?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't think it will have to do with Lorena... because they already took that angle this season (and it was annoying). Also, in the third book they reference Bill's "infidelity" with Lorena. I just don't believe that they would do that to the show. So I think it has more to do with whatever the Queen and Eric are up to.