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September 1, 2009

ESC Pick of the Month: Straight for Equality

Our gay rights/marriage equality stores were our best sellers of the summer, especially our "straight for equality" stuff. So when we realized that same-sex marriages were beginning today in Vermont, we decided to go ahead and make I'm Not Queer But I'm Here our featured store for September. (Bristol's time in the spotlight is officially over.) We're celebrating Vermont but we also realize that we've got work to do in a lot of other states, including here at home in New York.

[Also available on Zazzle]

Here are just a few of our favorite pictures from Vermont so far:

[Vermont Public Radio]

[Burlington Free Press]

[Unite the Fight]

[Ben & Jerry's]

1 comment:

Mad Dan Eccles said...

What a brilliant shirt. I've ordered one, and this is not something I make a habit of.

I considered the golf shirt, but it only comes in white and fat middle-aged men should not wear white shirts.

Besides - the one I got in grey has the message much larger, so I'm sure more people are going to notice it.

Marrriage equality is very much a non-topic here in Australia. Our last two Prime Ministers have been avowed Christians - which is rare here - and have moved to silence political debate on the subject.

Let's hope I can do my little bit to at least make some p[eople think about the issue.