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September 17, 2009

The ESC's True Blood Diversion Program

So we're still trying to find a way to fill the void left by True Blood until next season. We've compiled a list of a few different ways to possibly distract ourselves - and any of our fellow True Blood fans - until Season 3.

1. Start reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries books that were the inspiration for the True Blood series. (If that's not enough, we're sure we can find plenty of other books about sexy vampires).

2. Start watching any other show we can possible find to take True Blood's place. We're giving Vampire Diaries (a.k.a. "True Blood Lite") a shot... but aren't overly optimistic.

3. Rent Twilight. No, we're just kidding, we're not going to rent Twilight! Well, okay maybe we'll rent it, as long as we can watch it with the RiffTrax.com commentary in the background. (Check out a trailer here).

4. Stock up on Tru Blood beverage and mix up some cool cocktails.

5. Watch that Lady GaGa video with Alexander SkarsgÄrd in it and the on a loop. (Or rotate between that and the Depeche Mode "Corrupt" video.)

6. Order True Blood on DVD. (Season 2 is already available for pre-order.)

7. Make more True Blood-related merchandise and wear it everywhere. (Or check out other True Blood goodies and "paraphernalia".)

8. Listen to the True Blood original TV soundtrack and Nathan Barr's True Blood score.

9. Stay updated on True Blood happenings by checking out their Official Fan Page on Facebook or following them on twitter at twitter.com/TrueBloodHBO (or fan site twitter.com/truebloodnet).

10. Continue to blog about it non-stop until the episodes start.

1 comment:

Sooza said...

Oh, yes, yes, yes to the Southern Vampire Mysteries (or Sookie books, as I like to call them...) Especially "Dead to the World" because of the large quantities of Eric. Yes, I said LARGE. They are great books.