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September 23, 2009

We Wear Our Sunglasses at Night

Just when we thought summer was over, we've had some really warm days here in the last week or so, which means we haven't put away the sandals and sunglasses quite yet. So when we went to the movies last weekend and we walked in to an empty theater, we started joking that we should leave the sunglasses on and pretend to be celebrities at an important private VIP screening of some special film. (This would also be good practice for when we're rich and famous in the very near future.) And then we remembered the Sunglasses Guy.

We met the Sunglasses Guy out at the bar one night over the summer. He was wearing his sunglasses at the outdoor bar...after midnight. After talking to him for awhile we concluded that that was probably just standard practice on his home planet. For example, he would come over and introduce himself and talk to us for a few minutes, then he would walk away, and about ten minutes later he would come back over...and introduce himself again and start the whole process over. So of course when we said to him "so, you're wearing your sunglasses at night, huh?" he had no clue what we were talking about. No love for Corey Hart at all.

It's really not easy to pull off the sunglasses at night look. Lens color is important, for one thing. Sunglasses Guy had lenses so dark that it was unlikely that he could really see anyone, so it made sense that he was introducing himself over and over. If we were going to wear our sunglasses at night, we'd probably just stick to some basic aviators. Or, you could go the opposite way and go with something really bold, like a pair of really oversized sunglasses, or maybe heart-shaped sunglasses for that Paris Hilton classy look, or maybe some cat eye sunglasses for that retro sexy librarian sort of a look. Cause if you're going to wear sunglasses at night, you might as well own it and let everyone know that you're keeping track of the visions in your eyes.

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