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October 24, 2009

Australia's Energy Efficient Homes Package

So this is kind of cool... Australia basically gave people money to make their homes warmer and more environmentally sound.

insulation battsThe Australian Government is giving homeowners up to $1600 as part of their Energy Efficient Homes Package. Their Home Insulation Program will help households reduce their energy use (and cut their energy bills in the process) by paying to have insulation batts installed in their homes.

This insulation rebate from the government will be available to eligible owner-occupiers, landlords and tenants. As part of Australia's largest energy efficiency program ever, this will not only make Australian homes more energy efficient (and you know, warmer) but it also boosts the economy and creates jobs. (Someone has to install those insulation batts!) Site inspections are currently being undertaken to confirm that the insulation has been installed effectively and the appropriate records have been provided to and retained by the homeowner.

They're also offering a "hot water" rebate option ($1,600 to install a solar hot water system or $1,000 to install a heat pump hot water system) as part of their Energy Efficient Homes Package.

The U.S. had a similar economic stimulus as well as some renewable energy tax credits, but this was the first we had heard about the grants in Australia. We think it's so great that various countries have taken steps to help the environment and hope that other countries will follow suit.
For our many many readers in Australia, here's some more info on how to get the hook up: Insulation Batts Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

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Anonymous said...

Canada's been doing this for quite a while now.. I have no idea how long. There's also specific provincial rebates depending on where you live.