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October 1, 2009

Decorating the ESC Office

We've been talking a lot lately about how great it would be to get an ESC office to work from. (By "work" of course we mean watch bad TV and eat junk food and read Cosmo.) We should be focused on stuff like, you know, maybe making a budget so that we could actually afford that, but since we're easily distracted we've gotten preoccupied with online fantasy furniture shopping instead.

We're totally impractical about it too. We'll start with something semi-reasonable (well, reasonable for fantasy shopping) like an officey chair...and then get sidetracked for 20 minutes looking at big comfy sofas. Who needs dumb things like desks in an office, right? We're experts at justifying it too - think about how much more productive we'll be if we're comfortable! It's important! They've totally done studies about it and stuff.

Another example: we really want a few of these black cubes, even though it's...a cube. Not really super functional. But they're glossy! We could stack magazines on them! We could put our drinks on them too, but of course then we'll need to shop for some cute coasters...and we also need to think about the glassware...and it would be nice to have an espresso machine to cut down on Starbucks runs...and is a mini-fridge going to be enough, or should we just go for a full fantasy kitchen while we're at it? We need fantasy accessories to go with our fantasy furniture. It's a whole process.

Of course, the upside of fantasy shopping is that money is no object, and the downside is...it's just a fantasy. So we were thinking about who we should hire first - an accountant to help us with the boring financial part, or an interior designer to help with the fun furniture part?

...okay yeah, we'll start with the accountant. But in the meantime, you can't take away our fantasy shopping!

1 comment:

ceirdwenfc said...

I think you should get the man wall, but rename it of course.

And, you should really get Starbucks to deliver.

Um, once you get your office, that is.