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October 31, 2009

Dress Like Ashley Tisdale!

Today I was home in bed with a bad cold, which means drinking lots of tea, watching lots of bad TV, and wasting lots of time online. (Because of course we hate those things at other times.) So I was doing some online window shopping, and I was looking at this site shopdcd.com. It's one of those 'dress like the celebrities!' type sites, so it's full of leggings and skinny jeans and maxi dresses and whatever else the cast of The Hills has been wearing this year.

This particular site is so into the celebrity angle that they have lots of pictures of celebrities wearing the stuff that they sell, so you know that you're getting the authentic Lohan/Hilton/Richie shopping experience. I admit that I did look at some of the Ashley Tisdale stuff, because the whole ESC thinks she's just generally funny and adorable.

This picture of her in a Gypsy 05 mini-dress kinda made me laugh, because it's such a random candid shot - it looks like she's walking through a parking lot, not down a runway. (But I guess she should probably be glad that they didn't catch her wheeling her shopping cart out of the grocery store like they did to Vanessa Hudgens.) Hey, at least she looks cute, right?

Some of the prices of these super hip and trendy fashions also made me laugh, but at least they've got a section with stuff on sale too, so you can still try to look like Ashley even if you're on a budget.

After my shopping trip, I decided to do something more productive, so naturally I started reading Perez Hilton. (I'm sick, don't judge me.) And Perez had something to say about our girl Ashley too - apparently she had lunch with Zac Efron, which of course is huge breaking news. He included a picture of Zac and the super fashionable and stylish Ashley on their way out of the restaurant:

Hmm, suddenly I'm having second thoughts about this whole idea. But maybe it's just me.

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