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October 16, 2009

Megan McCain Has Breasts - Get Over It

Just a quick note on the whole Meghan McCain Twitter "incident". Now it's no secret that we don't always see eye-to-eye with Meghan McCain, or well, anyone named McCain... but at the same time we get pissed off when people attack any women for pretty much just being women.

Apparently McCain posted a candid photo to her Twitter account and everyone freaked out OMGZ she has breasts! What a slut! Ugh. (We're not going to repost the photo here, but you can find it on the link to the story.) She didn't flash the camera, she just showed a little cleavage. Plenty of women have shown way more skin and not been called sluts (and they wouldn't deserve it either). She's got bigger boobs than we realized, but that doesn't make her a slut. She's not a Playboy model and she's not a politician. We finally got past the whole Laura Ingraham bullshit about McCain's weight... and now we have to hear that she's a slut because she doesn't dress like a nun every single second of her life?

It's really fucking annoying that in 2009 people are still throwing that word around as an insult. We obviously have some pretty strong feelings about the word slut. It shouldn't be used in a derogatory way and it definitely shouldn't be thrown around on women who just dare to be women. Meghan McCain has breasts. Get over it already. She shouldn't have to apologize for it! Why are we still slut shaming women for their behavior or their bodies?

At the same time, it's annoying that women are still so offended and hurt by the term. We're not annoyed at women like McCain for being upset by it. That word has had negative connotations for so long that we understand why everyone's not ready to reclaim it like we have. And even then, when someone throws a word at you in a derogatory way, you almost can't help but feel bad about it. What we're pissed about is the fact that the word "slut" still holds so much power to hurt and offend.

McCain has responded to the "incident" both on Twitter and on her blog at The Daily Beast.


stymark said...

Meghan Mccain breasts scandal photo watch here

She is so stupid she does not understand why people dislike her. She is a tremendous example of the privilege that the idiot children of the rich receive

Anonymous said...

You don't have to agree with her politics (we certainly don't) but it's not okay to criticize her because she took a photo.

She may be privileged and maybe she is stupid, but if you're going to dislike her, dislike her for the right reasons... not because she happens to have breasts and doesn't hide them under a turtleneck every second.

ceirdwenfc said...

I just read her blog and checked her twitter (very briefly) and she's taken down the twitpic, although it appears on the blog.

I didn't like her apologizing for it.

She was basically at home alone and in her pjs. Why is this a problem?

Not only that, but it annoys me that she's apologizing for twitter and offering to use it more "judiciously."

What does that mean?

I made a mistake on twitter (two in fact) that have caused me some problems. One I apologized and deleted, the other, I apologized because hiding it doesn't make it go away.

She's right. She is only 25. I'm a bit older. We make mistakes. I'm just not sure that she made one here. What is she apologizing for? Being a slut? Not hanging around her house/apartment in a scarf and winter coat? Reading an Andy Warhol bio instead of War and Peace? Why is she sorry? Just because some narrow-minded full of him/herself person/people told her she's wrong or bad or stupid?

She shouldn't be apologizing for who she is, and if she doesn't know who she is, give her time to find out.

nab said...

i'm just as disgusted as everyone at the word 'slut' being slung at any woman for nothing more than being female and not living like a mormon. on the other hand, i'm not so comfortable with the idea of expecting women to not be offended when the term is used. i understand the idea of reclaiming the word by women and do not take offense when a female friend playfully uses the word in our conversations. that being said, the idea of a man using that word when referring to a woman will always be offensive and i don't think we should discount the derrogatory aspect of the word when it's used by a man and women's gut reaction to it. doing that is akin to expecting african-americans to reclaim the n word and eventually accept usage of the word by white people. we would never expect that kind of forgiveness of them and i don't think we should be working towards a world where women don't take offense at words like slut, whore or bitch, whatever the context.

Anonymous said...

Well, we never suggested that. Like we said - we're not upset at women for being hurt or offended by it. That's expected. We're just pissed that it still holds so much power to hurt and offend.

Sam Kaufman said...

If Megan McCain was trying to get more Twitter followers for herself, this is definitely one effective way to do it

noje said...

Stymark, stop linking exploits, noob.

Jezebel said...

Sam, she's already got more than 70,000 followers, so I doubt she really spends a lot of time thinking up stunts to attract more.

Mad Dan Eccles said...

What I found bizarre was the description at examiner.com* that the photo was NFSW!

How is cleavage NFSW? Would examiner.com crash if a nipple was shown? Is the world completely crazy?

*I'm to lazy to work out how to link properly. I'm sure you can find it if you try.