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October 22, 2009

Pro-Life Pumpkins?

The American Life League has a Halloween decorating idea for all of us - pro-life pumpkin carving!

Here's what they suggest:

There are many opportunities to be a voice for the voiceless, and most of those opportunities require us to go to a public place. But, on the eve of All Saints Day, the public comes to us!

So, make a pro-life jack-o-lantern and send your photos to us. Be sure to include your name, age and address in the e-mail, and we'll post the best ones on our home page!

It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It could be as intricate as the design here or as simple as the word "Pro-Life." Whatever your skill level, be creative and tell the world about the personhood of preborn babies!

Send your pro-life jack-o-lantern pictures to prolifepumpkin@all.org.

If you would like to duplicate this one, simply download the .pdf stencil and print it out. Tape the stencil to your pumpkin and, with a pointed object, like a small screwdriver, poke shallow holes along the perimeter of the image. With a paring knife, carefully cut out the areas shaded in black.

Well, it is a genuinely creepy idea, I'll give them that much. The instructions remind me a little bit of the Cupcakes for Life directions to "have lots of fun" making "wild" and "crazy looking life cakes" even if "decorating cupcakes is harder than it looks". I guess we have to give the anti-choice movement credit for challenging themselves to produce artistic renderings of the fetus using new and unique mediums. I know that if I tried to carve a fetus image into a pumpkin, it would probably turn out looking...well, even more like some kind of evil demon spawn than the ALL's pumpkin.

I do think it's interesting that we're talking about some of the same people who complain about seeing a gay couple kissing (or any other public demonstration of gayness) because it might force them to discuss the "gay lifestyle" with their impressionable children. Apparently they're fine with a prominently displayed fetus pumpkin designed to promote an anti-choice message on a day when a bunch of people from the neighborhood are probably going to visit their home with their impressionable children while celebrating "the eve of All Saints Day". I'm pro-choice, but I'm not going to put a hollowed out pumpkin full of condoms on the porch while a bunch of little trick-or-treaters are out roaming the streets.

Delightful anti-choice activist Jill Stanek posted about the pro-life pumpkin idea on her blog. This was my favorite of the comments:
Heaven forbid pro-aborts decide to counter this with pro-choice pumpkins. What the hell would THEY look like? Genitals? Sex toys? Contraception? They have not one image to move a person toward their side that doesn't assault one's sensibilities.
Putting aside the hilarity and hypocrisy of an anti-choice person claiming that the pro-choice side is the one that relies on images that assault the sensibilities, I think this commenter is onto something. So who wants to come to our Evil Slutty Pumpkin Carving Party? We'll even serve pro-choice cupcakes.


Lauren said...

Holy god, this is so disturbing!! A fetal pumpkin??!!!!! Where do they come up with these things?



discomike2000 said...

Sure ... dress your kids up as monsters, expose your kids to other kids running around with blood-squirting costumes, take them up to houses with strobe-lights and freaky music, but God forbid you allow them to see a baby on a pumpkin!!!

THAT would be INHUMAN!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it somewhat amusing that the image the pumpkin carving is from is a fake. The photographer used a stillborn or late miscarriage and posed it against lighting (n.b.; this predates Photoshop). He only came clean recently. It would probably explain why, since the event of these "miraculous" photos, nobody has ever done it again.

Abortion Abolitionist said...

@discomike2000 - THANK YOU!

Jezebel said...

discomike - You're not quite getting my point. It's not that seeing a pro-life pumpkin would be the most traumatizing experience ever for a child. It's about the hypocrisy of many of the same conservatives who complain about their children being exposed to liberal horrors like gay couples in public or a 'work hard in school' speech from the president now saying that it's a great idea to use an occasion where lots of kids come to your house as an excuse to push their political agenda.