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November 18, 2009

I'm writing it!

So I'm sure some of you saw my 9-year-old daughter's guest blog about those stupid sexist Swiffer commercials. It has been getting a pretty good response on other sites, as well as in our own comments section, so I was sure to let her read all the positive feedback she received. She is very proud, as am I obviously.
(There is, of course, the occasional idiot who just doesn't get it, but I didn't show her that one. I wouldn't want her to catch on that I'm secretly brainwashing her to be afraid of stalkers and cleaning supplies. Hm.)

Well now I'm afraid it may have all gone to her head!

We were listening to music together and that annoying Avril Lavigne song Girlfriend came on. So we started joking around, making fun of it, and singing our own fake lyrics (like we usually do, because we are quite silly). At one point I sang "Hey hey, you you, I really like your girlfriend... I think she needs to dump you... I could make her my girlfriend" or something close to that. She started laughing and said that Avril should rewrite the song to that.

The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Lil' Lilith: But a boy would probably have to sing it.

Mama Lilith: Oh yeah?

Lil' Lilith: Well, no... it wouldn't have to be a boy, it could be a boy or a girl. But some people probably wouldn't like it if it was a girl.

Mama Lilith: Why not?

Lil' Lilith: The stupid people would get all upset and say it's bad and it's wrong and they would complain and you would have to put something about it on the blog...

Mama Lilith: You're right, that probably would happen. Something like that happened to Katy Perry because of her song "I Kissed a Girl".

Lil' Lilith: Yeah, and if that happens, I call it! I'm writing it!

Mama Lilith: Oh you're writing it, huh?

Lil' Lilith: Well, unless Jezebel beats me to it. But I call it. I'm so writing that one.

Yep. One guest blog and she has already called dibs on the hypothetical blog entry about the imaginary protest of a fictional song. I have created a monster! An adorable little feminist monster. (That is the best kind.)


Professor Chaos said...

Coolest kid ever!

Loose Talk said...

I don't really want kids, but if I did, I want yours!