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November 16, 2009

Online Blackberry Picking

I've been thinking about getting a new phone. Of course, I don't actually need a new phone right now, but that's not stopping my online window shopping. Obviously I thought about an iPhone, but I'm paranoid about switching from Verizon, which has been okay for me, after my experience with Sprint, which really really really sucked. So I'm thinking about a Blackberry, but I'm not sure. I know they're cool and they have a mess of features and a lot of people like them and some people prefer them to the iPhone, but they still kinda have that "professional" vibe to me. Not that that's a bad thing. After all, the ESC is building an empire.

So I'm undecided. Anyone have a Blackberry and want to sell me on it, or hate them and want to turn me against them forever?

*Fantasy shopping spree brought to you by CheaperPharmacy.com.

1 comment:

Les said...

I love my BlackBerry Curve 8330! It is a great phone. I can even read your blog from it! :) I also have Verizon and really like the service. I have traveled out of state recently with no service problems. Good Apps.