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November 3, 2009

We Love Free Stuff

As you know, we are broke. (If you care to help us out with that, go here.) We hate spending money... so the other day when one of our friends sent us a link to an item on this auction site called Listia.com we were a little annoyed. Why are you sending anything from an auction site!? Don't you know we're broke? But then we looked at it and realized that it's not a normal auction site, like eBay... it's an auction site for free stuff.

Apparently this is how it works - you never need any cash to buy anything. You post the stuff you want to get rid of on Listia and get "credits" when someone else bids on it. Then you can use those credits to "buy" free stuff from other people. The best part is that when you sign up, you get a big chunk of free credits to start with (300 is the current promotion if you join and list an item). We haven't decided what we're going to sell first - we do still have some left over swag from the BlogHer conference - but we've already discovered a bunch of stuff that we didn't realize we wanted but clearly can't live without...

The original Beverly Hills, 90210 soundtrack - Come on, you know you totally watch the reruns in all of their cheesiness. I still say that Dylan should have ended up with Brenda.

It's Teddy Ruxpin! Okay, so we're not sure we actually want a Teddy Ruxpin...but it's Teddy Ruxpin!

We feel like we should own one of these stickers already, but we actually don't, so obviously we need to. This one's just a smart investment. It's history! Someday we can bring it to Antiques Roadshow. Okay, maybe not, but it's still cool.

Our insane random obsessive fantasy free shopping spree brought to you by:

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