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November 12, 2009

Weblog Awards Nominations!!

Evil Slutopia has been nominated for two 2009 Weblog Awards:
Okay, so technically it's still the first round, where any blog can be nominated. But as our many adoring fans know, we're not just anyone. We think that this is good timing because we do feel that the next logical step for our ESC Empire is to start winning awards, so that we can increase our global fame and prestige... and so that we can obnoxiously start referring to our "award-winning blog" every chance we get. (We may just start doing that anyway even if we don't win.)

Please vote for us so we can become finalists and then eventually, hopefully win!

Go here and then here and click on the little green plus sign to raise our score. Make sure you click on the one right below the comment about Evil Slutopia - directly under the name of the commenter, Mary - and not the one above it. (We're sure those blogs are great too, but fuck them, we want you to vote for us!) If you want to leave some comments in there about how awesome we are, we'd be okay with that too. Come on, you know we should totally make the finals for Best Liberal Blog based on our name alone.

The 2009 Weblog Awards

Nominations and voting take place until November 2o, 2009. The finalists will be announced in December.

Thank you for voting!


Lisa A. said...

I mostly lurk here, but I just want to say congrats on the nominations. This blog really is a "hidden gem". It's smart, and well written. And your Cosmo take-downs crack me up.

::raises glass:: Best of luck!


Thank you, Lisa!