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December 15, 2009

Cosmo makes me defend Daisy de la Hoya!

I almost included this in the last Cosmo Quickies blog, but I was so angry... that I knew I would have too much to say about it.

It's no secret that I am not a fan of Daisy de la Hoya of Rock of Love 2 VH1 reality "fame", including her very own spin-off Daisy of Love. (You guys know we were Team Heather all the way.) But sometimes the writers at Cosmo are so fucked up that I have to defend someone that I don't even like.

Much in the way that they slut-shamed Aubrey O'Day and Pamela Anderson, now there's this from the January 2010 "What Not So Hot"...

Dear Daisy de la Hoya,

We think it's great that you found The One - even with the help of reality TV. But you're not going to hold on to him if you swap spit with chicks for the cameras.... Or maybe that's the only way you can keep him.


Um... fuck you Cosmo. Just can't resist being your typical, condescending, judgmental slut-shaming selves, huh? There are so many things wrong with this short little "note" to Daisy, that no matter how annoying I think Daisy is... I still can't help but be angry on her behalf.

As short as the advice note is, every few words made me madder and madder... so just let's just dissect it part by part:
We think it's great that you found The One
Um, condescend much? Not only is it annoying the way that Cosmo tries to drill that "The One" bullshit into women, but do we really buy that they think it's soooo great that Daisy de la Hoya found love?
even with the help of reality TV.
What a loser Daisy is that she couldn't find "The One" without the help of reality TV. It would've been way more respectible if she found "The One" the old fashioned way, which is, what, by using one of Cosmo's awesome fun, fearless ways to meet a guy tips? (It's also interesting that they think Daisy really went on reality TV in order to find "The One"... um, hello, does anyone really believe that the "______ of Love" shows are actually about finding love?)

Also, not that it matters, but it doesn't seem that she found "The One" with the help of reality TV anyway. She and Joshua "London" Lee broke up back in September. Way to go on the fact checking Cosmo!
But you're not going to hold on to him if
Let's just stop right there for a sec on the dreaded "if". It doesn't matter what they say after that "if"... the point has already been made. Of course women's lives should revolve around one thing only: men. The first part of our lives must be about finding "The One" and then the second part is all about keeping him.

It doesn't matter what kind of a person you are or all the great things he likes about you... there's always one little "if" that will make him completely change his mind about everything and send him running. Forget being yourself or doing what you feel is right or expecting the person who loves you to accept you for who are... (because really, isn't the myth of "The One" supposed to be about finding the person who is perfect for you?)... nope, you better watch out for that one little "if" or you won't be able to hold on to him.

you swap spit with chicks for the cameras....
Wait. That's the dreaded "if"? ...if you swap spit with chicks for the cameras!? There's so much wrong with that. First of all, look at the picture again:

Sorry it's so blurry. But you can pretty much tell what's going on.
(If you can't, basically they are touching tongues.)

They may be "swapping spit" but they're not exactly making out. It's obvious that they're just goofing around. But what if they were? Isn't it a little homophobic (or at least bi-phobic) to consider this "not so hot". (I'm not suggesting that Daisy is lesbian or bisexual... just sayin'. What's the big deal about two girls kissing?) Seeing as she's single again, she can "swap spit" with whoever the hell she wants.
But even if she still was with "The One"... she found "The One" on a reality show, isn't is possible that he's as much of a camera whore as she is and therefore wouldn't care if she wants to "swap spit with chicks for the cameras"? I mean, they met in front of the cameras... so let's not be hypocritical.

And lastly, a lot of guys would probably be psyched if their girl friends would swap spit with chicks from time to time (I'm not going to comment on whether or not that's a good thing, just saying it's not necessarily going to chase every guy away).

Or maybe that's the only way you can keep him.
And... fuck you Cosmo.

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