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December 15, 2009

Do This Random Santa Voting Thing!

This is too delightfully bizarre and random not to pass along. There's this site called World Christmas Tree - it's a virtual Christmas tree that you can claim a square on, add an avatar, send virtual gifts and cards, and vote for other members to boost them into the tree's "VIP zone". (Because what Christmas tree would be complete without a VIP section, right?) It's virtually festive!

Apparently they're also planning some sort of Christmas Eve Twitter party, so right now they're running a vote for santa campaign where you can vote for the Santa that you want to "host" the party. The choices range from "Gangsta Claus" (no comment) to an Elvis Santa to Homer Simpson as Santa to the current front-runner, House M.D. Santa. We're thinking of throwing our support to the Metrosexual Santa, partly because he's down near the bottom of the list right now so he could use the votes (he's currently tied with Drunk Santa and only two votes ahead of Homeless Santa), but mostly because of his snazzy red blazer. He looks like virtual party host material to us.

Hey, we told you it was random.

*Virtual holiday cheer brought to you by theworldchristmastree.com.

1 comment:

bernthis said...

I will not read this b/c I'm depressed enough as it is. Seriously, I will take your word for it. Love you people!