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December 30, 2009

Holiday Shopping Time

I have a couple of those impossible to shop for people in my family. You know the types - the person who has everything, the person who says that they don't need anything even though they know that you'd never just not get them anything, the person who tells you what they want and then buys it for themselves before you have a chance to buy it for them, and so on. So even though my holiday shopping for this year is over, I feel like I should start now on next year's shopping to cut down on stress. (I'm sure this feeling will pass about as quickly as I forget what my New Year's resolutions are.)

So my idea of the moment is watches. Who doesn't want a new watch, right? (Okay, I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't, but don't tell me about them, cause I'm having a nice fantasy shopping moment right now.) These Bulova chronograph watches are kinda cool, and they're all on sale on this site that I'm looking at, which is totally okay with me. They also have free 2nd day shipping and free sizing, which makes it easier to justify super-early gift buying.

As usual, I like the men's watches better than the women's watches - ladies watches are usually too girly and dainty for me.

I also love that they have blinged out Swarovski crystal watches for men. And if you do want some girly and dainty options, they've got those too:

My shopping problems are totally solved...for now.

*Super early fantasy holiday shopping brought to you by BlueDial.com.

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