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January 8, 2010

ESC Signage

We've been taking care of some official ESC business for the new year, because building a media empire is hard work. One of our many official legal documents says that if we want to we can display it "in our place of business", which just made us laugh, since currently our place of business is wherever we happen to be. We're thinking that for now we can take turns taping it to our laptops, and maybe bring it to the bar with us since we get so much work done there.

This got us to talking about someday actually having a real "place of business", and how funny it would be to get some big, fancy, and/or obnoxious signs (like the address signs that you see on some houses and buildings) to put around the place. Just imagine a very lovely and classy address plaque announcing the home of the ESC.

We've already found a site that does custom address signs, because we're really excellent at getting ahead of ourselves. So there's only one real problem now - I mean, one problem besides the fact that we don't actually have an office and won't be able to afford one any time soon, which is a fairly minor consideration really. We can't decide on a theme.

We're digging these flames:

But who could resist a moose? Sure, it has nothing to do with our company...but it's a moose! And we know Chiquita likes them.

Of course, we could always go with something more obvious:

We love this bathroom sign, because our girl kinda looks like she's carrying books under her arms, but is also some kind of ballerina:

No matter what else we end up choosing, we've already decided that we simply must have this, because we're patriotic Americans and it's only right:
Running a business is not easy.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Put the document in your bounce house. That can be your official office. :D