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January 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Reaches Out to His Female Audience

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck shared some profound insights about women and men. It started out as a discussion about the moment during Scott Brown's victory speech last night when he decided that it would be a good idea to announce on national television that his two daughters are "available".

GLENN: Exactly right. Okay. So you've got a question. Now again this is 1982 but you've got to question, what were you thinking? And then last night after the victory speech his family is up next to him and his daughters were there. Now, I have three daughters. So I have a little bit of experience of saying and doing the wrong thing with my every dad has done stupid things that you get home and your wife says, what the heck were you even thinking about? These are our daughters.

PAT: Absolutely.

GLENN: Right?

PAT: Absolutely.

GLENN: Because guys, you cannot figure women out. You can't you don't know the psychosis that is chickdom. Oh, see, Sarah, look at Sarah. Sarah just looked at me like, what are you

STU: She knows it better than anyone.

GLENN: You want to bring that up

STU: That's right, you heard me.

GLENN: Psychosis. Guys you can figure out: Food, sex. That's it.

STU: Two step process.

GLENN: It really is. Feed me, make love to me, let me sleep.

STU: Sleep, yeah. That would be the third, sleep.

GLENN: Come on.

STU: That's pretty much the bottom line.

GLENN: That's pretty much it. That's pretty much it. We're simple.

STU: Uncomplicated begs.

GLENN: Women are psychos.

STU: A tad of a generalization. It's possible that's a

GLENN: No, here's the thing, and I mean this one sincerely. I can't there are times that I just walk into, you know you know what? I feel like, you know, when Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and he's running out and he's got the, you know, he's got the statue, "Throw me the statue! Throw me the whip!" And he throws the statue and the guy doesn't throw the whip. And then he goes underneath the door and he sees the other guy impaled? You know what I mean? Like, oh, yeah, should have thrown me the whip. That's the way I think dads feel once in a while if you have daughters. That you'll just all of a sudden step into it and you are just like... and you're impaled on the side of the cave. Am I right? [GlennBeck.com via Media Matters. Emphasis mine.]

There's nothing that I can possibly say to add to this one. Oh yeah, except this...Glenn Beck can suck it!


Tiffany said...

My first reaction to this was "women watch Glenn Back?" other than that I'm not surprised.

Heather said...

What the... So Beck would have preferred free rein to be too hasty, resulting in HIM being impaled? Ok then, I agree.

I despise Glenn Beck and his hypnosis of my otherwise reasonable parents!!!

Paradox said...

I'm not surprised that Glen Beck is a misogynist, but I am surprised that he's so willing to admit it. Usually these types at least pretend to have some respect for women. Not Glen! Glen thinks that women are psychos who will have sex with anyone willing to buy them lunch, and he's not afraid to say it!

Renee said...

Honestly, anyone that is surprised by this has no idea what Beck is always about. Every show that he does is about promoting White male masculinity. He has always made this clear.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone was actually surprised by the fact that Beck is an asshole. I think the surprise comes from the extreme depths of assholedom he actually achieves sometimes.