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January 26, 2010

Is is spring yet?

Okay, I know the winter's been pretty mild so far, but I'm still over it. We had a random snow storm earlier today, and now it's like 40 degrees and sunny enough for sunglasses, which I wouldn't actually wear because I feel like they're not a winter thing. I know that's totally stupid and it's probably just my weird mental thing, because there are plenty of sunny winter days, and in fact the winter sun actually seems brighter sometimes. I just feel like they're a spring/summer accessory.

Of course, the real issue might be that I abuse sunglasses so much - toss them into the bottom of purses, hook them on a belt loop and end up banging them into things as I walk, let them rattle around my car. I'm constantly buying new ones. So if I had to wear them all year around, I might as well just invest in wholesale sunglasses and keep a carton of them in my closet. Or I suppose I could just be more careful, but where's the fun in that? Just like there's no fun in accepting that summer's not coming anytime soon. We reserve the right to complain.

*This 'it's supposed to be 18 degrees tonight' rant brought to you by cheapwholesalesunglasses.com.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Virginia weather is even wackier. We had a 65 degree day on Tuesday or Wednesday. Same thing yesterday (Thursday) where people wore shorts, and today we are supposed to be getting about 8 inches of snow, with another snowstorm coming in early next week. Can the weather get any weirder?