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January 25, 2010

Reproductive Health Act (Phone) Call to Action

Calling all pro-choice New Yorkers! Wednesday, January 27th is NARAL Pro-Choice New York’s Reproductive Health Act (Phone) Call to Action.

January marks the start of New York ’s legislative session and the goal is to pass the Reproductive Health Act this year! This critical bill will protect the fundamental right of a woman and her doctor to make private medical decisions here in New York State.

Call-in to kick-off the legislative session and the New Year by learning more about the Reproductive Health Act and what you can do to get it passed in 2010! (They will go over everything included in the bill and share opportunities for all pro-choice New Yorkers – from Buffalo to Staten Island - to get involved.)

RSVP to Community Organizer Lalena Howard at lhoward@prochoiceny.org or 646-520-3506 today. The conference call number, agenda and materials will be provided when you RSVP. (The call will take place at 6:30-8:00 PM EST, is toll-free and open to everyone throughout New York State.) Check out the Facebook Invitation: here

NARAL Pro-Choice New York is a political and advocacy reproductive rights organization that works at the state and local level to protect and advance access to the full range of reproductive health care to help men, women and teens stay healthy and safe.

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