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January 10, 2010

Send Mail to ESC Headquarters

The decoration of the imaginary ESC World Headquarters had turned into a running joke for us. We've got the bounce house and we've got the themed signs, but we've realized that we're also going to need a way to handle all of our important correspondence. (By that of course we mean our subscription to Cosmo, all of our angry letters to Cosmo, our many many fan letters, product shipments from our stores, and other critically urgent things.) We need mailboxes. Maybe even a whole mailroom, but we'll start small because we're realistic and practical.

We're thinking we may need one of these fancy locking mailboxes, because of our many top secret and classified and sensitive projects.

We've also considered doing some multi-unit commercial mailboxes, so that we can keep the Cosmo-related mail in its own separate box and hide our shame. We could also have separate boxes for each member of the ESC. Don't tell her we told you, but Chiquita gets a lot of weird stuff.

The only problem with these choices so far is that they're not very attractive. We may need to go with one of the residential mailboxes instead so that we can find something prettier, because we're classy ladies.

There's the log cabin look:

The quaint garden look:

Or maybe a nice lighthouse motif:

Wait a second, I think we've found our winner. Check it out:

This is going to be the best office ever.

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