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January 10, 2010

Shopping for Fitness is More Fun Than Actual Fitness

Like everyone else on the planet, we made a bunch of 'hey let's get more active and healthy and fit in the new year!' resolutions. Now, we haven't really actually done too much towards that goal yet, but it's not our fault. We have to be prepared first, and by prepared we mean we have to shop for a bunch of fitness-related stuff that we may or may not ever use.

First, we need the proper attire. This Timex Ironman watch line says it's for "the female athlete" and "the active woman", and it has many useful features that should come in handy in case we ever decide to go for a run. Hey, it could happen. Maybe. It's a possibility.

But you know what, we're going to need proper footwear first. (Can you sense our procrastination yet?) These Asics sneakers have potential:Of course, it we were going to (maybe possibly hypothetically) go for an actual run, we'd have to deal with the weather, so we'd better look for deals on Patagonia fleece or something else warm.

Yeah, okay, screw that. It's hard enough to get excited about exercising in general most days. We can't even pretend that we're going to get ourselves psyched up to go out running the freezing cold. So, getting fit indoors it is. And as we all know, the first step to a good indoor fitness program is to shop for a large piece of exercise equipment that you can put in a prominent place so that it's very presence will attempt to shame you into using it each time you walk by, like this ProForm Elliptical:

Oh, screw it. We're just going to get ourselves a Reebok exercise ball, because unlike some of this other stuff, we know that at least we can use that to bounce around the ESC offices while we're watching bad reality TV. Because we're deeply committed to fitness.

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