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January 8, 2010

We Need A Bounce House ASAP

You know those inflatable bounce houses? The ones that are star attractions at block parties, birthday parties, and other events for the under 10 crowd? Did you know that you can just...buy those? Like, they sell them at Sam's Club. I was not aware of this amazing fact.

I don't know why I'm having such a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that bounce house sales have apparently been going on behind my back for years now. Obviously I knew that you could rent one, but I never really thought about the concept of just owning your own. I guess, even though I'm a grown woman, I still think of the bounce house as a special occasion item.

Of course, now that we're aware that we can easily acquire such a fantastic thing, we're also aware that we need one. It's gone straight to the top of the official ESC priority list. We're even thinking of sending an intern out in the role of official bounce house jumper to test some out, but that might be a little excessive.

What really sealed the deal for us was seeing that some of them even come with built in ball pits:

Who wouldn't want to have easy access to one of those any time you want, right? Now, we have considered the fact that owning one might decrease our productivity just a little bit, but we feel like this would be balanced by the huge morale boost. Do you think you can write off bounce houses on your taxes as some kind of business expense? You know, it's stress relief, so it's good for mental health, and maybe we could use them to throw bounce parties. After all, we are responsible businesswomen.

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