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February 12, 2010

And now for a little musical interlude...

Are you tired of all the sappy, romantic love songs that they play non-stop in February? Yeah, me too. Valentine's Month (yes, I know it's just one Day... but the way they market the hell out of it, you'd think it was a whole month) makes everyone feel like shit sometimes - whether you're in love or not. If you're single, all the love love love love love shoved down your throats make you feel like being single is always a bad thing. If you're in a relationship, all the pressure of "omgthemostperfectvalentinesdayever" makes you doubt your partner and yourself.

So we thought instead of more of a love fest or broken hearts, we'd offer you a different kind of V-day musical interlude. This playlist is more about "girl power" than boyfriends (not to be sexist... but, you know, we're girls so this is what gets us going). Instead of "I'm so lucky I found 'The One'" or "Wah! Why won't he love me?" this is more "I don't want or need my stupid ex!"

Even if you are in love right now, it's important to remember that while it's okay to be happy with another person you don't need another person to be happy. So enjoy...

So What - P!nk

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Kiss N Tell - Ke$ha

Shut Up and Let Me Go - the Ting Tings

Don't Want You - Lunachicks

Bye Bye Boyfriend - Fefe Dobson

I Don't Care (So There) - The Donnas

Smile - Lily Allen

Tango Shoes - Bif Naked

The Wreckoning - Boomkat

Best of Me - Morningwood

Hell Yes - Alkaline Trio (see, it's not all "girl power")

End It On This - No Doubt

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