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February 7, 2010

Get your Valentine's Day (and ANTI-Vday) Gifts NOW!

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner... we wanted to let you all know about our brand new Cafepress store... Love Sucks.  (If you order by midnight on February 8th, Cafepress will give you a FREE shipping upgrade to ensure delivery by Valentine's Day!)

This design will appeal to Valentine's Day haters and vampire lovers alike. For other vampy goodness... don't forget to check out our other similar shops:

Vamp Love

And of course... for that special bitch in your life...


It's important to remember, that regardless of whether or not you have a 'special someone' you can be with them... that a lot of people still can't legally marry the person they love. So this Valentine's Day send a message that means something... (click on images to view entire stores):



And of course... this VD, you can always give the gift of Chlamydia:

Let that ex boyfriend or girlfriend know that there's a chance they Got Chlamydia...

Or let the person you love know that you are Now 100% More Chlamydia Free...


Or maybe you just want to send the message that you'd like to add another person into the mix?

And well, nothing says true love like "Evil Slut"... give the gift of the clique!


BUY NOW in order to get your items by Valentine's Day! Although really... ESC merchandise is the gift that keeps on giving... You don't need a special occasion because these gifts make any occasion special! Happy VD... or whatever.

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Queers United said...

I love the I'm Not Queer, But I'm Here - Straight for Equality. Totally posting on twitter.