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February 19, 2010

I Do.......?

So we've noticed that a lot of couples got engaged over the holidays... especially since New Year's and Valentine's Day. While we're still pretty pissed off that so many people still can't legally marry the ones they love, we decided that in the meantime, we should still celebrate the love and happiness of those who can.

We thought about designing some elegant wedding gifts and a line of beautiful, classy bridal lingerie... but then we realized that's really really boring. So here is our contribution to wedded bliss.... anal sex! When you say "I do"... say "I do... anal!"

Yes, that's right. "I do... anal." What better way to say I love you than with your butt? Nothing makes a honeymoon more romantic that getting it up the ass! No, but seriously... these products will make hilarious gag gifts for the bride and groom (or grooms!) or anyone who just loves anal sex. Great for bachelor and bachelorette parties too!

Click here for more items!

And since we know that not everyone actually does do anal (or necessarily wants to advertise that they do) we've designed some PG-rated clean versions that just say "I do..." that would make a very cute gift for the entire wedding party.

Click here for more items! 

And while we're here... don't forget that same-sex couples still can't legally marry in most of the U.S. So please show your support for same-sex marriage as well! Check out all of our gay rights/marriage equality items as well!

Enjoy and congratulations!

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