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February 26, 2010

I'm just going to write about Johnny Weir every day now

Okay, maybe not. Although it is tempting. I can't help it if he's the most interesting (and most sparkly) thing about these Olympics.

I have to share the new edition of That's Gay, because Bryan Safi perfectly skewers all of the stupid coverage of Johnny that's been floating around and the goofy debate about masculinity in men's figure skating.

I wonder if they let straight allies participate in competitive flower arranging. That might finally be my shot at glory.

Bonus quote about Johnny:

The [judging] system cuts both ways. It certainly doesn't reward artistic performers such as American Johnny Weir. Weir is graceful and fluid, his programs are clean and his music complements his choreography instead of serving as background Muzak. His flamboyance also may work against him, which is ridiculous. Of course rhinestones sparkle a little brighter when Weir wears them. They know they are home. [Tracee Hamilton, Washington Post]

Bonus Johnny video:

I'm going to walk around all week saying "Johnny, very beautiful cod" in a Russian accent. The rest of the ESC will be thrilled.


Anonymous said...

I don't have TV and am not into sports, so I honestly hadn't heard about him until your post yesterday, but I think he's great. He wouldn't be where he is if he wasn't strong and graceful and powerful, and he defines his own masculinity which I think all men should do (and all women should define their own femininity... and vice versa, if they so choose).

Oh, and when did "outspoken" become almost an insult?

Anonymous said...

I hate the olympics and have been avoiding them like the plague, but thank you so much for these posts! they are just awesome and so nice to hear after listening to my co-workers discuss "that Jonny Weird guy" for a week. also, That's Gay is my new favorite thing on the internet.