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March 23, 2010

Hanging around the house theatrically with Adam Lambert

We're loving the Key of Awesome parody of Adam Lambert's Whataya Want From Me video.

Here's the real video:

And here's the parody:

This parody cracks us up, and it also makes a good point about the ridiculous double standard going on here. They use the examples of the Britney/Christina/Madonna on stage kiss (and the girl-on-girl thing in general) and Lady Gaga's general state of pantslessness. You could also point to female pop stars who get naked for their videos, or any one of the eight billion videos and performances that feature dozens of half-naked dancers grinding up on the star of the moment. But Adam Lambert has to spend his whole video in a room by himself singing to no one. He can't even have his love interest in the song represented in the video, because it would be a dude doing the representing, because Adam Lambert is a gay man and OMG can't we please think of the children?!

We're annoyed by this nonsense, so we're going to go read and give people dirty looks for awhile. Don't film us!

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