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March 4, 2010

Heartwarming Fan Email of the Day

Our devoted readers really mean so much to us. Take this lovely email that we received a few days ago.

Subject: You are the sexiest!
From: Diego [last name and email redacted even though he doesn't deserve it]
To: info@escforevermedia.com

Or so could I say if you dared to have photo of you anywhere?

But I guess I could do as anyone else and just think that you are a
couple of fat angry feminists who use the internet to get the attention
that you don't get IRL.

Have a great day!

We confess that this email brought us to tears...of laughter. From the photo dare to the tired old 'fat angry feminist' routine to the huge burn of suggesting that we of all people would be attention whores.

This is the kind of love and support that really keeps us going. You have a great day too, Diego!


Melissa said...

That's all I can say.

ceirdwenfc said...

Wait a minute...that picture at the top isn't you guys?!

Who did I go out with last weekend?

Jezebel said...

ceirdwenfc - Thank you for getting down to the true facts. We have always displayed our picture. (I'm the one with the purple hair, in case anyone was wondering.)

Anonymous said...

I think the real question is why can't you be sexy and fat angry feminists? lol

MsJinxx said...

Amen Anon .. agreed, why can't you?

TsaphanBabe said...

They really still exist, don't they. Wow. Wow. Also, I like Anonymous' comment!!