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March 3, 2010

Hey Look It's A Johnny Weir Post!

You know you love them. To start this one off I'm going to provide you with the best 30 seconds of your day, courtesy of Johnny's appearance on Larry King Barely Live:

Larry: Another question from facebook. Johnny, the question is 'how does it feel to be so fierce?'

Johnny: [laughs and laughs] Larry, I never thought I'd hear you call something "fierce", even if -

Larry: I didn't, the facebook did.

Johnny: I know, but still you said fierce. Kathy Griffin would be very excited for you right now. But I suppose being "fierce" is a very good thing and a very cool thing, but more than being fierce I think I'm a strong person and a strong individual and that's what I take with me every day.

The funniest thing about this, besides the pure awesome of the question itself, was Larry referring to "the facebook", like "the internet machine" or "a series of tubes". Oh Larry.

Johnny is the Gay of the Week over at After Elton:
...He may be coy about coming out explicitly (possibly for fear of being punished by the skating powers that be), but he's never denied being gay and if anything he's invited people to assume he's gay and not straight. And there is absolutely nothing about his coyness that reads as shameful or embarrassed. To us, he seems like a pretty good role model for kids, regardless of orientation or gender, who feel like they don't fit into traditional gender norms.

Johnny the good role model is on full display in this quote from an interview that he did with NBC Philadelphia:

If I have to go through some hard times, I’m completely fine with that as long as it’s beneficial to the next crop of skaters, the next generation of young people who are individual people.

I think that the only thing that people take away from me is to be unique and to be yourself and to feel powerful enough as a human being to be yourself no matter who is trying to knock you down or push you down or keep you down. You always have the power within yourself to stand up and fight and be yourself...That’s something that I hope all my fans and all the young people who watch the Olympic Games can learn from me.

...I think that ultimate happiness in my life would be to be great, really, at everything that I do. To be somebody that can’t be compared to anyone else. That’s something that I’ll strive for in any realm of my life whether it’s a love life, a fashion line or raising kids. Whatever it has to be it has to be great.

He also got a mention on the Yahoo music blog for the karaoke version of Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" that he did as part of NBC's random Olympics fluff:

But here's some good news: Be Good Johnny Weir, the Sundance Channel reality series chronicling the glittery life of magical snow angel Johnny Weir, is still awesomely airing. And a video of the skating sensation occasionally known as "Adam Lambert On Ice," singing a song by another genuinely talented, non-season 9 American Idol, still exists on the Interweb. And thus, my television-hardened heart is thawed.

Johnny certainly deserves an honorary gold medal of some kind for this karaoke cover of Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats." Enjoy:

Andrew Sharp from SB Nation has a proposition for Johnny to consider:
This gives me an opportunity to unveil a little thing I like to call the "Best Idea Ever." When all the hype from the Olympics dies down, Johnny Weir should marry Lady Gaga, giving us the weirdest, most awesomely flamboyant couple in the history of sexually ambiguous celebrity couples. Plus, it'd keep Johnny in the spotlight, which I think everyone can abide by. More Johnny Weir is always a good thing.

Let's all take a moment to thank Vanity Fair for realizing that Johnny Weir + body paint = fabulous.

What are your post-Vancouver plans?

After the Olympics I have the world championships in Italy and then I’m going to take a vacation to Mongolia because I want to ride a yak. And after that, I’ll go to Moscow and see some friends, and after that I’m going to go lay on a beach for a little while, and then maybe continue skating, but if not, I want a career in fashion.

Because who doesn't have Mongolian yak riding penciled in somewhere on their calendars, right? I'm totally going this weekend.

Johnny was on Regis & Kelly this morning, and Kelly Ripa was so excited and fangirl giddy that it made me like her a whole lot more. She even busted out her false eyelashes for the occasion.

~The J.Weir media tour continued with an appearance on Extra. I thought this Q&A moment was the highlight:

Random Extra Dude Whose Name I Don't Know Because I Don't Watch Extra Unless Johnny Weir Is On: Now is it true that you feel that the costumes are taking away from the skating and you're gonna start dressing more conservatively?

Johnny Weir: Never in my life. Conservative is the dirtiest word to me.

Finally, Johnny went on The Joy Behar Show to talk about some of the controversy that surrounds him, including the idiotic notion that he's somehow "too gay" for figure skating. Here's the preview clip.

Between "it's figure skating, hello" and "I think Jesus was a woman", what more could you ask for from an interview? And on that note, I think we should end this post with a blessing from St. Weirsus himself. We'll return to regularly scheduled posting about various topics...um, eventually.

[The gif is from the ontd_skating LJ community, which I highly recommend to all fans of Johnny in particular and the wacky hijinks of figure skating in general. You will LOL and OMG and UNF and probably do many other combinations of letters as well. I found it while I was researching Johnny Weir: Evil Slut and I'm addicted now. I don't know exactly who made this particular gif, but if someone lets me know in comments I'll add the well-deserved credit.]

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